About Us


Tea Party of America (TPoA) is designed to serve as a national hub for the Tea Party movement. TPoA does not seek to direct or control any other Tea Party group. We seek to bring support and a national voice to the Tea Party movement overall. People are welcome to join TPofA as an individual person and we invite other Tea Party groups to affiliate with us to share ideas, goals and information. Tea Party of America is constructed to be governed by the members of the Tea Party itself, a true grassroots controlled board, not some top down business as usual national organization.

Our recent Inaugural event with Gov. Sarah Palin was a huge success, with thousands of activists and world wide media attention.There are those who say the Tea Party movement is dying, but the truth is Americans are standing up and demanding a return to legal, Constitutional, uncorrupted government. Recently, Republican Bob Turner took the New York House seat that Anthony Weiner was forced to give up after his controversial tweet. Democrats struggled to “blow off” the implications of the election. Obama wing-man and White House spokesman Jay Carney said, “special elections are often unique.”

Jay… Democrats have held this seat since 1923,  “often unique” is a dismal understatement. It is not about Republican vs. Democrat, its about corruption, unconstitutional bills, under the table deals and the selling off of American freedom and prosperity for personal gain. Weiner’s seat is just a sample of what is coming. Regardless of party, if you’re corrupt you’re days in office are numbered. The Tea Party is not going away, we are only just beginning.

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